Size charts for Hawaiian Aloha Shirts

It's best to order a few sizing samples in advance if you are buying for a large group!


Most shirts are standard men's sizes. If you are borderline, order the next size up. New designs Molokai, South Seas, Azores: These new patterns are about a size larger than the other prints, and are comparable to oversize Hawaiian shirts from other companies. If sizing is critical, we suggest you order a few samples to size your group prior to making a large order. Exchanges can be made on unused clothing if the size is not right (we'll only charge shipping).


We have found that our men's shirts work fine on women, especially on the larger sizes. Generally step one size down when converting to men's sizes. We do have small and medium womens sizes in most prints.

How to use our chart

1 - Compare to a shirt you already have. Use a woven button up shirt to compare, not a knit or t-shirt.
2 - Measurements are made on a garment laying flat, they are not body measurements.
3 - Measurements are in INCHES and measured seam to seam, font side (not around).
4 - A little Shrinkage can be expected with natural fibers like cotton and rayon. We prewash our fabrics to minimize this, but plan on 5% to be safe.

Cotton vs Rayon

We carry prints in both cotton and rayon. Both of these traditional Aloha shirt fabrics are cool, comfortable and easy to wear, and machine washable. These are both cellulose fabrics, produced from natural plant material. Cotton grows on its own, while rayon is made from wood pulp. (It is not related to synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester that can sometimes be hot and sticky). Rayon drapes a little better than cotton and has a silky feel. We sell about equal quantites of both, with the design being the determining factor.

Regular Fit Men's Shirts              
Customers comment that the shirts in this group are sized about right.
Men XS Small Med Large XL XXL 3XL 4XL  
Width 20 22 24 25 26 28 30 32  
Height 26 28 29 30 31 31 32 32  
Women   Small Med            
Width   18 20            
Height   25 26            
W-Size   6 8            
Men's shirts work fine on women for other sizes.  Simply step one size down. 

How to measure
The width is measured across front, armpit seam to artpit seam. The Height is measured from high point on shoulder (where the shoulder seam meets the collar) straight down the front to the bottom hem.