Korean Style Stone BBQ Grilling Plate

Korean Style Granite Barbecue Pans

This Spiceberry Home grilling pan is made of heavyweight granite and is excellent for searing and cooking meats, fish, vegetables and more. Although designed for Korean dishes like bulgogi, it is perfect for western cuisine like steaks and seared ahi tuna. The concept is to heat up the dish until sizzling hot. Placing it in a 400-Degree oven for about 30 minutes is a great way to start. Next, you can place it on your gas stove and grill directly. Since the food does not cool the pan, you will achieve an excellent sear with minimal sticking an low smoke. You can bring the sizzling plate to the table and place on the included rustic wood trivet.

Another, more traditional alternative is to bring the preheated plate to the dining table and place on a Japanese style tabletop butane burner as in the photos below. Everyone can then cook their own, teppanyaki style! Since these are made of natural stone, every dish will have slight differences and character that do not affect performance.

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