Pizza Stones- Solid Granite or Cast Iron

Our 11 pound solid granite pizza stone is 14-Inches wide. This is not a lightweight and is not the pressed stonedust that most pizza stones are made from. It is superb at holding the heat and makes a perfect crispy pizza. The surface is smooth, and as a plus, can be used anywhere you would use a marble slab, such as working doughs and chocolates, as a cheese board and more.

Our heavy cast iron pizza stone is 14-Inches wide and 9 pounds, making it one of the heaviest, heat retaining pizza pans on the market. The technique is to let the pan heat up in a hot oven before transferring the pizza to be cooked.

Our pizza pan / comal has no edges, and is great for tortillas and dosa. This item is handcrafted.

This pan is also stovetop safe. It is perfect for general stovetop grilling and cooking.

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