Glass Spice and Storage Bottles

Specialty Borosilicate Glass Storage Bottles for herb, spices, foods

Spiceberry Home glass storage bottles are perfect for your kitchen staples and all types of herbs and spices. The design is elegant and modern. These are made of costly borosilicate glass, the same type used in French Press coffee makers. This allows the glass to be thin and light, while still being strong. They are capped off with a bamboo stopper fitted with a silicone seal to make them airtight. Borosilicate glass is highly heat resistant, however we do not recommend using on the stovetop.

We stock three sizes: The smallest size, our 4 ounce bottle is sold in sets of 12 and includes a set of PVC labels with an assortment of common and exotic spice names to help identify the contents. They are perfect for small quantities of herbs and spices. Our 7 once bottle is sold in packs of 6, and is great for loose green herbs, small parts and smaller kitchen staples. Our largest size is our 28 ounce bottle, measuring about 4x5-Inches. This is great for rice, coffee and similar items.

Bulk / Wholesale Glass Bottles and Jars

Do you have a product that needs a glass container like these? We can help! Give us a call or email with your needs.

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